Somatic Sacred Spiral Workshop ~ July 29th, 2023

EXPERIENCE THE FLOW A free spiral motion in the body gives direct access of movement, creativity and flow, evoking a body-mind-spirit atonement, we foster sensations of ease, intimacy, pleasure, helping us to recovery from injury, invite alignment, and heal. Dive in and experience the spiral of life. This is a precious in-person program designed to provide a deep dive into the nature of self and our primordial need to move and evolve. Join us for a day of inner and outer spiralling somatic experiencing. The day will begin with reverence, we greet the day with our hearts and centring our intention, mind and body in the present, on the land and with each other.

•arrive any time after 8:30am 
9am landing practice in sacred circle
•flow into the first primordial experience of the spiral 
•rest in the deep peace created by the exploration of the body as evolving spiralling
•time for journaling and personal exploration
•break for sustenance - abiding in silence 
•come back to community flow into the evolution of the spiral circling and spiralling in community 
•closing ceremony - end 3pm

Mastermind Coaching - Virtual

Bex Does Woo is hosting Bi-weekly Mastermind sessions. This is a month to month membership. These sessions are geared towards holding accountability to ourselves and each member of the group in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. The structure of the group is one hour with 15 minute blocks (four to a group) that is all about you and what you have going on. Sharing the ‘wins’ -yup…even if it is doing a load of laundry… to upcoming projects, to simply having witnesses to celebrate progress big or small. You share some of the struggles and bumps in the road you may be experiencing and we discuss solutions to move forward. You share what you would like to accomplish until we meet again. We laugh, we cry, we support!

Psychic Coaching Package - Virtual

A combination of psychic readings and personal accountability coaching.