Gentle Yoga ~ In Person

This yoga helps to calm your nervous system. It’s a time to return to you and your body. A time to restore. You will be gently guided in to simple postures without force. We practise acceptance as to where we are physically and emotionally!

Vinyasa Flow ~ In Person

An invigorating active series of postures strung together to awaken our physical self, chakras and beyond. Influenced largely by the Ashtanga Yoga series.

Private Yoga ~ In Person

Are you too shy to take a yoga class but are curious to see what it is all about? Do you need some one on one motivation to renew your yoga practise? Is there never a class time that works with your schedule? Is there a pose or series you would like to work on? Do you not want to be in charge for once and let yourself be guided in a yoga session just for you? There are so many reasons a private yoga session can be beneficial. We will work with where you are at when you arrive to your mat. We will discuss why you are here and what you need for this session. Let’s have fun!

Beginner Yoga ~ In Person

This autumn yoga series is a safe class to learn the basics of yoga. It is a fantastic way to unwind, be supported and guided. Escape from all your daily duties and get your stretch session in! The Jerseyville studio is a friendly place. Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:15pm beginning Oct. 12th.

Beginner/Intermediate Yoga ~ In Person

The class begins with a gentle warm-up, sun salutations and yoga postures (asanas). The class structure is similar to the beginner class and paced so that you can ask questions and continue to grow your yoga vocabulary, knowledge and foundation towards the practise.